Roayah Academy

Roayah is a specialized academy in teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers. The academy aims at spreading Arabic Language online, alongside its relevant culture, amongst world nations using modern methods in teaching a second language. This is meant to provide learners with all means of support including a guaranteed attractive educational environment anywhere, anytime and with full respect to their needs. All of this is available according to the way learners prefer whether being through self-learning programs or live courses in virtual classrooms. Both of which are managed through a powerful system which maintains a good performance and flexible continuity of the educational process. Using our current various assessment methods guarantees getting the educational objectives accomplished before, during and after the learning process. In addition to the previous features, Roayah Academy pays a great attention to training educators and helping them continue learning even after getting their courses done through providing them with extra enriching materials
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We offer program that pays a due care to teaching kids the basics of Arabic language and the four skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing. It focuses on teaching them the Arabic Alphabet and training them on how to master the language using educational methods that depend on games and storytelling in a gentle and suitable way


A comprehensive educational program, specially designed for non-Arabic speakers. It consists of an elementary level, growing up to six levels that guarantee mastering the four skills of Arabic language and being able to speak it like a native Arabic speaker. This will be achieved through an attractive content based on modern frameworks like using communication skills, practicing daily conversations and paying more attention to the common aspects of the Arabic Culture in different Arabic-speaking States. Therefore, our program is based on three pillars of efficiency: Lingual, communicative and cultural efficiency. The curriculum provides learners with a comprehensive training on how to practice using Arabic Language. It also provided them with the opportunity to communicate with Arabic native speakers to practice and apply what they learnt. This program provides the learners with continuous enriching support, as well. This support guarantees more progress in the learners’ language skills through different exercises and tests which will provide them with a level-by-level evaluation and how to improve themselves from one level to another.
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Schools (K-12)

We offer featured school services by providing them with suitable educational content available for students’ age and lingual skills’ level. We provide them with all types of tests and training; placement, formative and final examinations. All of which are run through an integrated and comprehensive educational system that observes and analyzes the learner’s progress. We also have special self-learning programs which enable our learners to be easily enrolled in to improve their language skills.

Special purposes

  • Learners can select the purpose for which they want to learn the language. They could choose their required lingual program and focus on the language skills they need most in dealing with Arabic native speakers; (doctors, politicians, media people, businessmen, etc.)
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Price per Month


$ 60
  • 1 hours weekly
  • 4 hours Monthly


$ 90
  • 2 hours weekly
  • 8 hours Monthly


$ 120
  • 3 hours weekly
  • 12 hours Monthly


$ 150
  • 5 hours weekly
  • 20 hours Monthly


$ 220
  • 10 hours weekly
  • 40 hours Monthly